Stamp Duty in Delhi

All About Stamp Duty in Delhi

Stamp Duty in Delhi

Today in this Blog we are going to discuss the Stamp Duty of the Stamp Paper in Delhi.

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is a type of tax collected by the Central Government and Stamp Duty under the Indian Stamp Act,1899.

The government collects the revenue through the Sale of Stamp Paper and Stamp Duty varies from Instrument to Instrument.

In simple terms, we can call Stamp Duty as Price of Stamp paper.

In India there are 29 States and Stamp Duty varies in each State for ex: The Stamp Duty for Rent Agreement in Delhi is Rs. 50/- while Stamp Duty for Rent Agreement in Bangalore is Rs. 20/- and in Gujarat is Rs. 100/-.

Now, Let’s discuss the Stamp Duty in State-Delhi.

Stamp Duty in Delhi

Before 24 September 2001, The Stamp Duty for Affidavit used to be Rs. 2/-, for General Power of Attorney and Indemnity Bond Rs. 10/-, for Rent Agreement Rs. 10/-. Also, Earlier the Stamp Duty for Agreement to Sell used to be Rs. 2/- and earlier Agreement to Sell gets only Notarized from Notary Public not Registered.

After 24 September 2001, The Stamp Duty got revised by the State Government and below the revised Stamp Duty for the Articles:

  • Rs. 10/- Stamp Duty for Affidavit, Undertaking, Declaration, Copy of Partnership Deed.
  • Rs. 20/- Stamp Duty for Special Power of Attorney.
  • Rs. 50/- Stamp Duty for General Power of Attorney, Rent Agreement, Bayana Agreement and any type of Agreement.
  • Rs. 100/- Stamp Duty for Indemnity Bond, Bank Loan Agreement, Cancellation of GPA and WILL, Gaurantee Bond etc.
  • Rs. 200/- Stamp Duty for Partnership Deed.

In Delhi, The Stamp Vendors authorize to provide Stamp Paper from Rs. 5/- to Rs. 500/- and Stamp Paper of above Rs. 501/- is available in authorized Banks for the purpose of purchases.

So this is all about the Stamp Duty. To know more OR to purchase the e-Stamp Paper you can refer to our this Section- Non Judicial e-Stamp Paper

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