What is Mutation of DDA Property?

Mutation of the Property means Changing or Transferring the title of the property. Mutation of the property is done after the death of the Allottee of the DDA Property. You can apply for the Mutation in both the cases either in the case of with WILL OR in case of No WILL.

The difference for applying is that:

  • In case of with WILL the Mutation is done in a favor of person who covers under the WILL.
  • In case of without WILL the Mutation is done in favor of person who covers under the Relinquishment Deed. You have to submit the Relinquishment Deed in original while applying for the Mutation.


Ok so now let’s talk about little bit about What is Relinquishment Deed?

Relinquishment Deed is a Legal Document in which person legally release his legal rights of the property to the person who covers under his deed and that person will be consider as a person in whose favor the mutation will get sought.

Mutation is done only after the death of the Allottee. If you want to transfer your property after Agreement to Sell’s Death than you have to apply for the Substitution. We will discuss about the Substitution in our next blog.

We eDrafter provide services for Mutation of DDA Property in which we handle full case from Registering the Relinquishment Deed to deposit the Case in DDA. To Know more kindly proceed to our this Section – Mutation of DDA Property 

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