e-Stamp paper Bangalore, Karnataka

Get e-Stamp Paper in Bangalore Online

e-Stamp paper Bangalore, Karnataka

e-Stamp Paper is a computer-based application. It’s a secured way of paying non-judicial stamp duty to the government. The e-Stamping system launched in association with Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL), had design to prevent paper and process-related fraudulent practices in registration. The Karnataka State Government introduced the e-Stamp paper in Bangalore in the state in 2008 to prevent paper and process-related fraudulent practices in registration.

Benefits Of E-Stamping

  • E-Stamp Certificate can generate within a few minutes.
  • E-Stamp Certificate generated is tamper-proof.
  • E-Stamp Certificate generated has a Unique Identification Number (UIN).
  • The authenticity of the E-Stamp certificate can be checked online.
  • A specific denomination is not required.
e-stamp paper in bangalore

Common Places get e Stamp Paper in Bangalore

e-Stamp paper in Bangalore can purchase through the Sub-registrar office (though due to some server issues. They don’t provide e-stamp paper). Designated to supply e-stamp papers and designated banks.

e-Stamp paper in Bangalore can also bought through any SHCIL branches or ACC Centers –

Link: List of SHCIL Branches

Link: List of ACC Centre (District wise)

You can get the e-Stamp Paper online as well through this Section.  Purchase e-Stamp Paper for Karnataka. Just Fill out the given form and we procure an e-stamp on your behalf from the designated Bank and will deliver it to you.

 Stamp Duty for e Stamp Paper in Bangalore

Before buying e stamp paper in Bangalore. You should know the correct stamp duty for the article for which you are purchasing the e stamp paper.

Use the below link to check the stamp duty. Stamp Duty in Bangalore

The Commonly used Denomination for Each Article are as follow :

  • Rs. 20 – Use for Affidavits.
  • Rs. 50 – Use for Various Agreements.
  • Rs. 100 – Use for Rental Agreement/Lease Agreement and Indemnity Bonds.
  • Rs. 200 – Use for Declaration.
  • Rs. 300 – Use for Agreements with Payment Gateways.
  • Rs. 500 – Use for Adoption Deed, Certificate of Enrollment.

How to get e-Stamp paper in Bangalore in Online?

Getting e stamp paper in Bangalore physically is not so easy task as several problems arises like duplicity, unusual payment of stamp duty, and many others. But now anyone can get e-Stamp Paper Online easily through our platform edrafter.in. The following steps should be considered for getting e-Stamp Paper:

Step 1: Visit our Website and Click on. Purchase e-Stamp Paper for Karnataka

Step 2: Fill Your Details

Fill in the name of the first party. Which can be the person/organization on whose behalf Stamp Duty is going to pay. Like, Rajesh Krishnan wants to make e-stamp paper on his name. So he will be considered as a first party and will write his name. Now fill in the second party name (If any). Fill in the name of the purchaser who is purchasing the e-Stamp. e.g. Rajesh Krishnan is purchasing so he will write his name in purchased by.

Fill the description/purpose of the e-stamp paper. For which you are going to purchase e-Stamp Paper like Rental Agreement.

Step3: Choose stamp duty amount and quantity

Choose the stamp duty amount for e-stamp paper from available options. Now choose who pay stamp duty either first party or second party. Quantity can also be selected.

e-stamp paper

STEP 4: Review the Form and if satisfy Make Payment Online.

That’s it! Now we will prepare your Order and will Deliver it to you at your place!

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We also provide Print on e-Stamp Paper Service in which we will print your Document on e-Stamp Paper and will make it Attest from Notary Public.

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