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Where to get Stamp Paper near me?

Where to get Stamp Paper near me?

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What is Stamp Paper?

A piece of paper that carries the Stamp Value is printed on it known as Stamp Paper. These Stamp Papers typically have a fixed value such as 10 rupees, 20 rupees, and so forth issued by the Government; each value gets used as per the requirement and as per the Stamp duty declared by the State Government. Stamp paper is considered as the biggest revenue of the Government of India. Stamp papers are not centralized; Stamp papers are State-wise and Denomination with respect to Article differs from state to state.

Any Legal Document can only be considered Legally valid if the same has been executed on a Stamp paper. It is crucial to pay the correct amount of stamp duty to the government in order to avoid penalties or having the executed document declared invalid. 

When it has been Introduced?

Stamp Paper was introduced by Spain and the Netherlands in the 16th century which was adopted by the British Empire and they compiled it as the Stamps Act, 1765, all the colonies including India were ordered to implement the Stamps Act as a source of generating revenue in the form of Stamp Duty. During that period the stamp papers used to be printed with the face of the queen on them and the charge of the stamp duty was 1 anna, 2 annas, and so on.

1 Anna
1 Anna

Difference between Judicial & Non-Judicial Stamp Paper?

Judicial Stamp PaperNon-Judicial Stamp Paper
Those Stamp Papers which are directly used in courts by the judge to give verdicts are Judicial Stamp Papers. Stamp Papers used directly for the execution of the documents are Non-Judicial Stamp Papers.
Judicial Stamp Papers are something related to the administration of justice that is used.Non-judicial stamp papers are used for things like commercial agreements, powers of attorney, property transfers, declarations etc.
Under the Court Fees Act of 1870, stamp duty on judicial stamp paper is paid.The Indian Stamp Act of 1899 governs the payment of stamp duty on non-judicial stamp paper.

Types Of Stamping in India

There are mainly three types of stamping processing that are legally valid in India:

  • Stamping through Court: There are some states where the stamp paper procurement is physical through courts wherein one needs to visit the Government authorized stamp vendor and need to furnish the details for the procurement of Stamp papers. These types of Stamp papers are called “Non-Judicial Stamp paper”. States like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Telangana, AP, Bihar hold the Non-Judicial Stamp papers.
(Non Judicial Stamp paper)
  •  Stamping through SHCIL: The Government of India has started e-stamp paper in 2007 and has appointed Stock Holding Corporation India Limited (SHCIL) as the only Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) and responsible for the e-stamping. Government tried to overcome the prevailing system of physical procurement and introduced e-stamping in many states which is way more secure and no chance of duplicity as compared to the Physical Stamp papers. Currently e-Stamping with SHCIL is running in 18 states. 

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SHCIL has given a License key and has authorized Vendors across the country to issue e-stamp papers to the Citizens. e-Stamp paper associated with SHCIL are not available in a PDF Format; one can pay the Stamp duty electronically however the e-stamp papers are available in a physical (print-out) form only). States like Delhi, Karnataka, UP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Odisha hold e-stamp papers associated with SHCIL; It also introduced “Self-Printing” facility for the states like – Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Ladakh. 

For more information, you can also refer here –      

e-Stamp paper associated with SHCIL
  • Stamping through e-GRAS: The e-GRAS is the Online Government Receipts Accounting System. In a few states, the Government has started e-stamping through e-GRAS wherein any Citizen can purchase an e-stamp paper online while paying Stamp duty to the concerned Department as per the requirement. Under e-GRAS Citizen gets the pdf copy of the e-stamp paper which is considered equally valid as compared to the Hard copy. States like Haryana, Jharkhand, Chandigarh hold e-stamp papers associated with e-GRAS.

NOTE: In Haryana e-stamping through e-GRAS starts from the 100 denomination; lower denominations are available in Courts in a physical form.

 e-stamping through e-GRAS
( e-stamping through e-GRAS)

How to find Stamp paper near me?

People certainly ask how to find e stamp paper near me, there are 2 ways to procure the Stamp paper; First is while visiting physically to the Courts and Second is while getting it online from our website. 

Benefits of getting it through our Portal

  • Quick Scan service : We provide Scan copy at e-mail within the 2 hours of placing an Order.
  • Same-day delivery : We provide delivery of hard copy in selected cities under same-day.
  • Dedicated support : We provide dedicated support upon each Order which also helps in getting the appropriate Stamp paper selected and drafting as per the Legal Acts.


STEP 1 – Visit the given website 

STEP 2 – Under Menu section; You can see an option of “Buy e-Stamp paper”; Kindly select your State from the drop-down.

STEP 3 – After that one form will pop-up under your Screen, Kindly fill that form; our form is secured and encrypted with SSL Certificate.

STEP 4 – Enter the details like – First Party and/or Second Party names; if you are purchasing stamp paper for an affidavit, you must only include the First Party name (First party – Applicant, Second party – NIL); if you are purchasing stamp paper for an agreement, you must include both the First Party and Second Party name (First Party – Owner; Second Party – Tenant); you must also indicate the purpose of the stamp paper, such as a Rental Agreement; and who will be responsible for the stamp duty. After filing and reviewing the information, add the form to your shopping cart.

STEP 5 – Check the details thoroughly and the estimated cost; Choose the type of Scan & Shipment service and then proceed to checkout.

STEP 6 – Lastly fill out the billing details and payment mode then place your order.

That’s it! You will get the Scan copy at your email address and Hard copy will get delivered to you; you can track your Order status through your My account section. 

Physical Approach V/s Online Easiness
(How Online service is more beneficial as compared to Offline Service?

Difference between Stamp Paper & Stamp Duty?

Stamp PaperStamp Duty
A piece of paper that carries the Stamp Value printed on it; known as Stamp Paper. These Stamp Papers typically have a fixed value such as 10 rupees, 20 rupees, and so forth issued by the Government.In India, stamp duty was first implemented as a form of tax in the late 19th century. It applies to all kinds of properties, including freehold and leasehold apartments, residential flats, independent villas and houses, and commercial buildings/units.
The stamp paper contains all the details regarding both parties.Stamp Duty is the amount that is paid to the government when stamp paper is made. 


Going nearby court or finding a stamp paper vendor near me to get Stamp paper can be more tedious and time-consuming as you need to keep waiting in long lines which can be more of an annoying process so why not order the Estamp paper from your home just a few clicks away and get your stamp papers at your doorstep.