Types Of Stamp Paper

How Many Types Of Stamp Paper Are There In India?

Types Of Stamp Paper

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Stamp paper is essential for confirming the legitimacy and authenticity of legal documents. There are a number of types of stamp papers available in various denominations, but not all stamp papers are the same. It is crucial to select the appropriate type of stamp paper depending on the characteristics of the legal document because each form of stamp paper is created for a specific purpose.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of stamp papers and their uses to help you make an informed decision while choosing the stamp paper for your legal documents.

What is Stamp Paper?

A stamp paper is an official document that is used to demonstrate the completion of a transaction. It is a kind of paper with an imprinted stamp duty affixed to it; this stamp, which was provided by the government to verify that the relevant taxes or duties have been paid, serves as proof of payment. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, among others, frequently use stamp papers.

A stamp paper is used as proof of the agreement or transaction in various legal transactions, including property deals, rent agreements, and affidavits. The stamp paper is bought in accordance with the stamp duty that will be payable, that varies depending on the transaction’s value.

Since stamps are not centralized but rather state-based, the denomination of stamps in relation to the article varies from state to state.

What are the Different types of Stamp Paper in India?

There are mainly 5 types of stamps Paper available in india that we have mentioned below. Let’s discuss:

Judicial Stamp Paper

The judge delivers decisions in court directly using judicial stamp papers. documents used to administer justice. On judicial stamp paper, stamp duty is paid in accordance with the Court Fees Act of 1870.

Non-Judicial Stamp Paper

Non-judicial stamp paper is a physical stamp that can be used to pay a variety of fees and charges, including court costs, registration costs, and other comparable costs. It can be bought from a licensed vendor. Non-judicial stamp sheets can be used for a variety of documents, including contracts for business, powers of attorney, property transfers, declarations, and others. A non-judicial stamp is accepted as evidence in a court of law and is regarded as a legitimate proof of payment.

non judicial stamp paper with watermark

Non-Judicial e-Stamp Paper

On the other hand, non-judicial e-stamp paper is an electronic form of the stamp paper that can be bought online from various online platforms like edrafter.in. The same uses as non-judicial stamp paper are permitted for e-stamp paper, which is produced through an online system. Physical stamp paper is said to be less secure and susceptible to counterfeit than e-stamp paper while e-stamp paper is considered more secure than the physical form of stamp paper.

non judicial e-stamp paper with watermark


Basically, franking is a method of legally stamping a document by banks or franking centers. Franking is the term used to describe the stamping of legal property documents. Authorized banks or carters can frank your documents by stamping them or by adding a denomination. A franking machine is frequently used while franking. This type of machine-made stamp serves as documentation that stamp duty has been paid.

The alternate way of franking is to buy the printed stamp paper which has already been franked.


Revenue Stamp

Another type of stamp paper In India is revenue stamps which is used to raise money for court maintenance through the collection of fees. The Indian Stamp Act of 1899 is a statute that had 51 revisions between 1899 and 2004. Section 30 allows you to request a stamped receipt with a Rs 1/- revenue stamp (one rupee revenue stamp) if you pay someone more than Rs. 5000. Any receipt over Rs 5000 (formerly Rs 500) must have a stamp attached, according to the Indian Stamp Act of 1899, Section 2(23).

Revanue Stamp

Where to buy Revenue Stamp?

The question of where to get a revenue stamp India has an easy solution. Every postal office sells revenue stamps. The revenue stamps are not sold anywhere else, according to official statements from the post offices, although you can find them at neighborhood shops for a slightly higher price.

Revenue stamp price at the post office₹1/-
The revenue stamp price in nearby stores is ₹100/-

What is the Difference between Judicial and Non-Judicial Stamp Paper?

The distinction b/w judicial and non judicial stamp paper are:

Basis of DistinctionJudicial Stamp PaperNon-Judicial Stamp paper
MeaningJudicial stamp paper is the Plain paper on which a judge writes down his verdict.Non judicial Stamp paper is the paper on which you execute your legal documents.   
Related toThey are related to the administration of justice.They are related to POA, rent agreement & transfer of property.
Stamp ActThey are paid under the Court Fees Act of 1870They are paid under The Indian Stamp Act, of 1899

Also Stamp paper is easily available with stamp vendors but it usually gets over in quantity or takes a lot of time since the line of people procuring it is huge. However, now online websites too provide it at a really reasonable price and at your doorstep just like us!

What is the Process to buy Stamp Paper Online?

As you already know that we provide e-stamp paper online. So let’s get to know the steps on how you can procure it:

  • Step 1– Visit the website www.edrafter.in 
  • Step 2– Go to e-stamp paper page.
  • Step 3– Fill out the details of the form and review it.
  • Step 4– Move to the shipping section. (write down the address of the shipping party and where it needs to be shipped)
  • Step 5– After that go to the billing section (choose the type of service you want) and then proceed to pay.

Easy peasy as always!

Validity of Stamp Papers

The Stamp paper validity is as follows: 

The non judicial stamp paper validity is applicable for six months if procured the hard copy from a stamp vendor and if taken from the online platform the e stamp paper validity is for a lifetime then same goes for the revenue stamp also.

How to Check Stamp Paper is real or fake?

A stamp paper’s distinguishing characteristics can be used to determine its authenticity. by verifying the authenticity of stamp paper, you can check if the stamp paper is real or fake.

Ashoka Pillar and a four-headed lion emblem bearing the words “India Non-Judicial” in English and “Satyameva Jayathe” in Hindi are examples of such features. Parallel to the stamp paper, it also carries the security code and watermark. If translucent paper for tracing is placed on the stamp paper, the watermark will be visible.

The stamp vendor has a responsibility to stamp his seal, license number, and year of appointment, serial number, buyer’s name, and location.

How to decide on Stamp Paper value?

The Stamp paper value depends on the requirement of the citizen as well as the States. There are many States where the starting denominations of the Stamp Duty are different. For eg. in Haryana the starting denomination of the stamp duty is 101 value and in Maharashtra 100 & 500 value is used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who pays Stamp Duty?

The usage of the document decides who pays the stamp duty. Such as, If you want stamp paper for a rent agreement then eventually the landlord is liable to pay and if it is an affidavit or any other where only one party is there then that person is required to pay the Stamp duty.

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