How to verify the Authenticity of e-Stamp Paper?

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People usually ask that How can they verify their e-Stamp Paper?

How can we assure that the e-Stamp Paper given is Original?

Is there any Online portal to do so?

The Answer for all these Questions is YES!

Yes, The Verification of e-Stamp Paper is possible and this is also another big advantage of replacing prevailing system of Stamp Paper to e-Stamp Paper.One can check the Authenticity of e-Stamp Paper.

OK Now let’s have a look How the Verification Works:

STEP 1- Open Website of SHCIL

STEP 2- After that Click on “Verify e-Stamp Certificate”

STEP 3- Fill the Required Details.

Details Include:

  1. State
  2. Certificate Number(UIN)
  3. Stamp Duty Type(Description of Document)
  4. Certificate Issue Date
  5. 6 character alphanumeric string

OR, You can also Verify Certificate via scanning Bar Code.

Have a look at Screenshot of the Verification Screen:

That’s it! You can now see the Authenticity of your e-Stamp Paper and can Verify that while verifying the Particulars.

To Proceed for Verification Click Here.

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