Rent Agreement for GST Registration

Rent Agreement for GST Registration | Is Rent Agreement Mandatory For GST Registration?

Rent Agreement for GST Registration

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A Rent Agreement can be served as an address proof in many places such as while registering for GST. GST stands for Good and Services Tax which is a compulsory tax that all the citizens of the country are required to pay to the Government. All the businesses related to the Consumer food products and Businesses dealing with other Services pay it to the Government. This tax is levied on the food products and services of the consumer combined with the original price of the product. So the burden of the tax is not felt by the consumers when they pay for it. 

GST is compulsory to be paid by the Businesses with a yearly turnover of more than 40 lakhs then you are required to register your  business under GST and become who is liable to pay GST. If your business is in a rented property then your Rent Agreement for GST registration can be used as your address proof.

Can I apply GST with a Rental Agreement?

For sure you can use Rent Agreement for GST registration. You’ll need to provide the Rent Agreement as a proof of your business address. You can include it as a supporting Document while registering for GST. You need to make sure that the Rent Agreement is valid and includes all the necessary details.

On the other hand,  if you own a property  where your business is located.The process for the GST registration remains the same. You will be required to submit the business address proof but instead of a Rent Agreement you will be submitting the proof of ownership and other utility bills such as Property Documents, Electricity bill etc.

Why is a Rent Agreement required for GST Registration?

A Rent Agreement for GST Registration to establish the business’s physical address.It serves as a proof that the business is operating from a specific location. The GST authorities use this information to verify the authenticity and validity of the business’s address. Having a Rent Agreement helps ensure that businesses are registered at genuine locations and helps fraudulent practices.

The requirement of a Rent Agreement for GST registration is mentioned in the Goods and Services tax Act, 2017, specifically under the section 27 (2) (iii) related to proof of place of business. The GST authorities use this data to verify the authenticity and validity of the business’s address.

What should be included in the Rent Agreement for GST Registration?

In the Rent Agreement it’s important to include details such as the names of both the party tenant and landlord,the address of the society you are living in, the duration of the agreement, Rent amount, any terms and conditions agreed upon. It’s also advisable to include the clauses related to maintenance responsibilities, termination conditions, and any other relevant terms.

What Documents do I need for GST Registration?

Documents Required for GST Registration

The Documents that are required for GST registration are as follows:

  1. PAN Card of the Company
  2. Proof of Business Registration.
  3. Photographs of all the Directors and authorized signatory.
  4. Bank Account Statement
  5. Address of Proof Business Location.

How much Stamp Duty do i need to pay for Rent Agreement for GST Registration?

Commonly the stamp paper that people use for almost all the Documents are of 100/- value. GST on commercial property the appropriate stamp duty is 100/- and 200/-. Though it also depends on the state where the agreement is executed. Since there are some states where not all the stamp values are made valid by the Government.

Do I need a notarized Rent Agreement for GST Registration?

Yes, the Rent Agreement for GST is mandatory to do the notary. The Document is labeled as authentic and trustable for the GST officers. This also serves as a physical address for GST registration and a proof that the business agrees with the laws of the GST. 

Getting the Rent Agreement registered can be another option but mainly the businessmen prefer it notarized else registered Rent Agreement for GST is also considered as valid.

What is the limit of GST Registration?

As per my knowledge there is no limit of Rent Agreement for GST Registration since the Goods and Services Tax regulations in India do not specify any. However a certains condition applies for the registration of GST on commercial property in india. That is if there are inter-state supply in these conditions the GST registration is compulsory.


Getting your business registered has become mandatory and also shows the authenticity of its ground not only in the eyes of the Government but also the trust of its customers gets strong. A customer looks for a company whose products and services are reliable. It doesn’t matter whether your business place is a rented one or your own place, GST registration is important.

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