Digital Stamping In India

Digital Stamping In India

Digital Stamping In India

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People may now easily pay their stamp duty fees online, popularly known as “e-stamping,” thanks to digitization. Many in India still have concerns about the e-stamping process, despite the fact that it is the simplest of all the other traditional modes. The easiest way is that the government has introduced digital stamping in India. Where the citizens can trouble-free get access to pay Stamp duty online and receive their documents with an e-Stamp on it.

What is Digital Stamping?

On agreements, contracts, and other documents made possible by legal technology, digital stamping is a technique of paying non-judicial stamp duty online. Digital stamping, an alternative to more conventional methods of paying for stamp duty including paper stamps and franking, involves an eStamping process in which document or contract owners pay the necessary stamp tax online and receive their document e-Stamped and merged with stamp paper.

Is Digital Stamping valid in India?

Yes, when the government introduced the e-stamping facility in India in July 2013. Introducing the e-stamp paper India has benefited civilians in a number of ways. The flexibility in this procedure of digital sign and stamps has claimed many votes of people. From the day digital stamping in India has become valid it benefits the government itself also as the digital revenue stamp can be kept recorded without missing out on any of it.

Also, the IT act 2000 (Information Technology Act) and the Information Technology Certifying Authority Rules 2000 makes digital stamping valid in India as it allows digital documents to be validated and subsquently enforced folllowing digital signature of both parties.

When did Digital Stamping start in India?

Digital stamping was introduced in July 2013. Paying stamp duty physically does give a headache to the citizens as well as the government workers who collect it since keeping this much record gets cumbersome and time-consuming for both of them and sometimes even citizens skip paying the stamp duty, scams & fraud can easily take place. Through digital stamping people are at ease but it is also beneficial for the government in keeping records. 

Can Stamping be done online?

The Government has curatively made amends for the general public to pay the stamp duty online. Digital Stamping In India are of two types:

  • Stamping through e-GRAS: Few states like Haryana, and Jharkhand has adopted a Stamping process through e-GRAS wherein the e-stamping portal is available for each individual; citizen need to visit their website and need to pay the Stamp duty and can download the e-stamp paper instantly; physical visits for Stamp duty payment/e-Stamp collection is not required.
Hierarchy of Stamping through e-GRAS
  • Stamping through SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation India Limited): In almost 18 states, Government has appointed SHCIL as their CRA “Central Record Keeping Agency” and they issue e-Stamp paper but to the authorized Stamp Vendors only; here the procedure is that you need to approach to any nearby authorized Stamp Vendor and they will issue the e-Stamp paper hard copy to you; in this type of e-stamping you can pay the Stamp duty online however the collection process is offline only.
Hierarchy of Stamping through SHCIL
  • Stamping through Court: Still, in a few states, the Government is running with the traditional approach of Stamping wherein the citizens have to physically visit the court and need to pay the Stamp duty physically and after that they procure the Stamp papers. States like: Maharashtra, Telangana, West Bengal, and a few others are still working with the traditional system.
Hierarchy of Stamping through Court

Through both Government sites the citizens are required to pay the Stamp Duty online but the nature of procuring the documents is different. The third way of procuring the stamp paper is Stamping through Court. Here the citizens have to physically give a visit to the court and obtain the document plus the stamp duty payment is also done hand to hand here.

Digital Stamp Vs Digital Signature

Basis of DistinguishDigital StampDigital Signature
MeaningA Digital Stamp is a scan copy of an e-Stamp paperA digital signature is basically the signature of the concerned person who has attached it to the document electronically.

How to make Digital Stamp?

Well eDrafter makes it easy for you. Digital Stamping of electronic documents in India is what we serve with many more online document services. The steps are as follows:

Steps to make Digital Stamp Online
  • STEP 1 – Visit our website
  • STEP 2 – Then click to Buy e-stamp paper.
  • STEP 3 – Choose the respective state such as e-Stamp Paper Jharkhand or what your state is you can choose accordingly.
  • STEP 4 – Fill out the form while providing First Party and/or Second Party’s name; If buying Stamp paper for an Affidavit then you need to mention only the First Party’s name and if buying stamp paper for an Agreement then you need to mention the First Party & Second party name, the purpose of the Stamp paper like – Rental Agreement, stamp duty & who will pay the stamp duty and after filing & reviewing the details just add the form to cart.
  • STEP 5 – Check the details thoroughly and the estimated cost; Choose the type of Scan & Shipment service and then proceed to checkout.
  • STEP 6 – Lastly complete the payment through the preferred mode to place your order.

Why eDrafter for Digital Stamping?

Within two hours, a scan of your stamp paper will be sent to your email, and two days later, a physical copy will be delivered to your location of choice.

You can save your time and effort on physical visits to the courts and now as there are so advanced websites for digital signatures on stamp paper you can get it done from there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a Digital Stamp work?

Unlike normal Stamp paper, digital stamps can easily be ordered on our website The steps are already elaborated above. It is considered as valid as the normal stamp paper which a person gets from the court.

Can Stamp Paper be digitally signed?

There are various online websites that give these services to customers. Rather than printing out the whole document just shift your signature to a digital signature on stamp paper.

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