Make Address Proof Affidavit Online-min

Make Address Proof Affidavit Online

Make Address Proof Affidavit Online-min

An affidavit is a written statement. In which the Deponent oath or Affirmation his/her Statement. Just like earlier people used to take oaths in front of god.  Also, we consider the example of Courts by taking the swear of Bhagwat Geeta. An affidavit generally states that everything, true and correct, and the affiant signs the Affidavit by taking an Oath.

Address Proof Affidavit is a residence proof affidavit that can use by the applicant as proof of address. When there is no other address proof left with the applicant.


The Address Proof Affidavit used in various different places:

  • For Vehicle Registration – The Applicant can provide the Address Proof Affidavit as a Document acceptance for address proof for the vehicle registration.
  • For Driving License – The Address Proof Affidavit can use by the applicant in order to apply for the Driving License. It will consider valid address proof.
  • For Bank Account – The Affidavit can use as proof of residence for opening the Bank Account.
  • For Passport – The Address Proof Affidavit might use for Passport as well but it depends upon the Department whether they will accept it or not, generally, they demand the Registered Rent Agreement as a supportive Document for Address Proof.
  • For SIM Cards – An address Proof Affidavit can be used to apply for a sim card as well.

How to Get Address Proof Affidavit Online?

Now no more visits to the Court, You can get your duly Notarized Affidavit by just sitting at your home.

Have a Look, at How to Get it:

 STEP 1 – At our Legal Documents Menu, Select Affidavit – General Affidavit.

 STEP 2 – Select Address Proof Affidavit and Fill out the provided Form (designed securely to capture your data).

Preview of Form

STEP 3 – Review the Details filled in the Form and if satisfied, Click on Add to Cart and Place the Order.

STEP 4 – We will quickly draft the Affidavit as per the details you filled in the Form and will send it to your registered e-mail address first for your review once you Approve we print it on relevant e-Stamp paper, Make it Notarize, and Deliver it to you within 1 day.

That’s it! By going through these few Steps, you will get your Notarized Address Proof Affidavit right at your place.

Points to include while drafting Address Proof Affidavit

The following are the necessary points that should include while drafting the Affidavit :

  • Full Name of Applicant/Deponent.
  • Date of Birth of Applicant.
  • Full Address of which the Applicant is making Affidavit.
  • Duration from which the Applicant is residing at the concerned address.
  • Declaration of true Statements.

Here is the basic format of the Address Proof Affidavit:

address proof affidavit online
address proof affidavit online

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