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Employment Agreement is a crucial Document that is bonded between an employer and employee. It is basically a written Document in which all the clauses such as the roles and responsibilities, salary discussion part, rules and regulation of the office,and obligations concerning both parties (employee and employer) are mentioned.

There are some companies when they hire an employee they make them sign a mandate in which everything is mentioned. The mandate would be referred to as an Employment contract, a contract in which the employee is asked to serve for a fixed duration if joined. It is a type of bond which an employee has to sign before joining. An employee contract can be of 6 months or 2 years depending upon the Company protocols. It comprises salary break up, time duration, joining date, notice period, and non-compete other clauses, if any.

How many Types of Employment Contracts are there in India?

There are an endless number of employee bond Agreements which are signed and declined by the employees. We will be discussing the major ones which are actually come handy, they are as follows:

Types of Employment Contract

Full-Time Employment Contract

Here in this employment contract an employee is aware that he/she will be getting a consistent source of income. The employee is liable to complete his daily roles and responsibility to remain a permanent employee in that particular organization.  In India, in order to comply with the Shops and Establishment Act and the Factories Act of 1948, the normal working week for a full-time employee is limited to 48 hours and 9 hours each day.

Part-Time Employment Contract

In this contract employee Agreement to the employees are recruited for a fixed time period. They are paid on the basis of the number of hours they work for the company, which may involve working erratic shifts or working on public holidays. To be eligible for leave and other benefits, employees in certain organizations must work a certain amount of hours in a calendar month, including irregular hours.  Working hours of a part-timer is cut down to half of the original working hours of a full employed worker.


Apprenticeship is the term used to describe the kind of work that is given to recently trained individuals who are relatively new to their chosen field. Apprentices are paid less than full-time employees because they are not as skilled as them. You can see apprenticeship programs that demand competent manual workers because these jobs need experience and practice to be done correctly. Along with paid time off, apprenticeship also spares temporary workers from additional advantages often received by permanent employees. Additionally, the apprenticeship contract will specify whether it is full-time or part-time. If the apprentice is much more skilled then they are offered a permanent place in the organization.


The first few months of a employee, during which their performance and behavior are closely examined, is known as probation. It may last for a few weeks or a few months. Employees are still regarded as contingent or temporary workers throughout the probationary phase, therefore they are eligible to full-time staff benefits as they would be. For instance, a probationary employee can have a shorter notice period and no paid-offs. Additionally, the probationary period gives the worker adequate time to learn about the company and determine whether or not they are a suitable cultural match. During their probationary period, employees are free to leave the company for any reason as they have not yet been hired on a full-time basis.

Zero-Hour Contract

This contract does not provide the employees any fixed hours of working instead they have flexibility in working hours. Here the employee is made to sign a contract to be available for work as and when required by the company. There Is no fixed timing for this type of Contract.

Freelancer Contract

A freelancer contract is signed for a particular project or the employers are not keeping a permanent employee for a post but instead getting their work done by the freelancers. Freelancers charge their amount accordingly. For example, A  Freelance content writer charges on the basis of the number of words and length of the content. It also depends on whether it is a long form content or short. When the project or work is done then their job is also done. There might be chances that mostly companies make a tie up with these freelancers and make them do their work on the basis of deadlines.

How to Create an Employment Agreement online?

Well well! You can easily procure your Employment Agreement Online from our website. Easy steps and procedure with fast delivery services, the steps are as follows:

  • STEP 1: Login our website www.edrafter.in
  • STEP 2: Move your cursor to the Legal Documents list and click on the ‘Request for Other Documents’
  • STEP 3: The page will be redirected to ‘Custom Drafting Page’. There you are required to fill up all the details and in the description box write in an elaborated form how you want your employer employee Agreement to be made and make payments.
  • STEP 4: After making the payments. You will receive a call from our expert there you are required to tell them how you want it and if there are any additional clauses to be added you can get it done over there only on call.
  • STEP 5: Our experts will draft your Document and will send it for approval on your registered mail ID. Once approved the scan copy will be delivered to your mailbox and hard copy will be delivered to your shipping address.

How much do I need to Spend for an Employment Agreement?

If you choose eDrafter for your feasibility then we provide the best prices for it. The price starts at just 499/- and get your Employment Agreement made the way you want. We will draft your Document according to instructions any changes or clauses that need to be added are done twice, thrice how many times you want. When satisfied with the employment contract draft we will forward it to your registered email ID. Rest the choice is all yours but for the feasibility and easiness you may refer to our website.

What are the 4 Items in a Contract of Employment?

When you are hired for a particular job. You should make sure that the labor contract employment should be in a detailed format so that you are left with no unclear doubts. The 4 key items in a contract of employment that should be clear to you are as follows:

Items in Employment Contract
  • Job Description: The description mentioned in the employment contract should be elaborated. Companies while making the job description write up the main roles and responsibilities of the employee. Although, you should get a clarity of everything so make sure you ask for an elaborated job description from your employer.
  • Duration of Employment: If any employee is on a seasonal contract or part-time then the duration is mentioned that how many days, weeks or hours the particular employee is working. The employee Contract work based duration is also mentioned along with every other detail. For example: a 2 year bond is signed by the employees.
  • Schedule: The days and hours of work period is mentioned here of the employees. For example, in some companies there are 5 days working and some 6 days so it is important to mention it in the Employment Agreement.
  • Compensation: Generally speaking, a compensation plan encompasses more than just salaries or biweekly installments.Itemization of the originally agreed-upon income, compensation, or compensation should be mentioned in detail. It might also have an intricate commission structure and bonus system, or it might have a profit-sharing arrangement linked to performance.

Till when is an Employment Contract Valid?

The validity of an employment contract is exent to the tenure period of that Agreement only. Where the contract work is finished the validity of the labor contract Agreement expires.

What makes a Contract Null and Void?

The reasons why an employee bond Agreement is said to null and void are as follows:

  • Events like forcement into an employee employer contract will be declared as null and void. 
  • When someone is coerced into signing a contract by threats or coercion, that contract is void. When a party to a contract is intimidated, either physically or intellectually, this is known as duress.
  • Fraud or misrepresentation occurs when one party attempts to conceal or manipulate the truth in order to persuade the other party to sign a contract. Either deliberate or inadvertent misrepresentation is possible. However, fraud is the deliberate deception of another person. 
  • In any event, the injured party is entitled to dissolve the contract and pursue damages for their losses, and the Agreement is deemed void.


Recognizing contracts that are void and null helps you avoid entering into unfavorable employment contracts. Knowing the elements of a legitimate Employment Agreement will help you avoid any future ambiguous conflicts or significant losses. We will help you draft your employee employer contract the way you want at a very reasonable price.

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