How To Verify Digital Signature

Digital Signature Verification | How To Verify Digital Signature?

How To Verify Digital Signature

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There are many elite businesses which work remotely so digitization has become an essential part of every working individual. For the eCommerce websites where every day to day processes are done on the digital panel. So signing Documents digitally will only make things more sorted for these companies. Where everything is made easy and prompt for them ultimately another important aspect rises which is the validity. Signing crucial Documents through applications grows a hint of doubt whether it is safe or not? So what you would be doing to verify Digital Signature that we will be discussing below:

What is the Validity of Digital Signature?

Everything comes with an expiry date. The products in the market have an expiry date written on the back of the packets, Documents have the validity period even normal humans come with an expiry date then how can you judge the validity of Digital Signature because logically it doesn’t have one. When you sign on a Document then the only thing that is valid is the Document. In short, a signature makes a Document valid, not the vice versa. So it would be safe to say as and when the purpose of the signatures are fulfilled the validity ends there.

Can I Verify the Digital Signature?

Surely yes, digital sign verification is only done to check the authentication. By today’s toolkit’s and audit reports you can not only check the authenticity of the encrypted data matching to the original data but also the certificate affirms the identity of the public key holder is also signed promptly by a trusted source. When you are through with the signature process then at the very end you are provided with an Audit report in which all the details are mentioned regarding the signatures.

Can the Digital Signature Validation be done Online?

Verified Digital Signatures

The whole process of Digital Signature verification is done online only through a computerized way. There are many online websites through which you can verify Digital Signatures. As usual every website has its own way of verifying signatures you can even do it through Adobe reader. But the outcome would be the same. Whether the ensign validity is the same and authentic or not. The method for Digital Signature verification online are:

  1. Open the signed pdf file.
  2. Select the pen nib symbol from the left.
  3. Then click on Verify signature and verify it in case it is not.
  4. When the signature is verified you can automatically see the additional details below the signature box.

What if a Digital Signature is not Verified?

Unverified Digital Signatures

You can check whether the Digital Signature is verified. When you receive an eSigned Document then if a question mark watermark appears with a title ‘signature not verified’ then the e signature not verified and if a green tick watermark appears with the title ‘signature verified’ then the online signature verification is done and Legal.

There are many more components displayed below when you sign the Document. Also there are few more texts displayed for a valid signature. Such as:

  • The Document is signed by the current signer.
  • The Document does not hold any kind of modification from the time sign was displayed.

Is eSign Valid on all Documents?

As you already know it is prescribed under IT Act 2000 which says an ensign holds as much power as a physical signature. The validity and authenticity of both the types of signatures are equal. When you sign digitally on the Documents then as per the IT Act it will be Legally valid. The Digital Signature validation online ensures the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of the online transaction and Documents.

In which Documents Digital Signatures can not be done?

The Documents that are subject to be Notarized & Registered under the Sub-Registrar Office are not eligible for signing it Digitally, in such type of Documents only the physical signatures are required, rest of the other Documents like Invoices/Bills/PO/HR Documents/Vendor Agreements/Service Agreement/Rental Agreement and other are eligible for the Digital Signature.


So the Digital Signature verification is important but more important is choosing an authentic website through which you can do this esign verification process hassle free. Even for the Digital Signature you can rely on our easy way of signing i.e. either through Aadhaar validation or through Phone OTP based eSignature.

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