Consumer Complaint Against Cred

Can I File a Consumer Complaint Against Cred?

Consumer Complaint Against Cred

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Cred App, a prominent fintech platform in India, specializes in simplifying credit card bill payments and managing rewards, promoting financial responsibility among users. Although not directly approved by the RBI, Cred operates through partnerships with RBI-licensed banks, ensuring regulatory compliance and security. The app offers features like bill reminders, prompt payment rewards, and exclusive deals from partner brands, aiming to enhance user financial management. However, users should be vigilant regarding service fulfillment, potential data breaches, billing disputes, or misleading information. In such cases, they can seek resolution through consumer complaint forums, armed with necessary documentation and evidence to support their claims.

What Is A Cred App?

In India, Cred App is a fintech platform mainly concentrating on credit card bill payments. The app helps people keep track of their credit card bills via one interface and has features like reminders, rewards for prompt payment among others, as well as exclusive deals from partner brands. This software also makes the management of credits cards easy with the purpose of inculcating financial prudence and rewarding users for good behaviour related to credit.

Is Cred Approved By The Rbi?

RBI has not directly approved Cred as at my last update. It works as a technology company that manages credit card reward programs and facilitates bill payments in partnership with banks licensed by RBI. For any financial service platform one uses including Cred App, consumers should verify regulatory compliance and security measures.

In Which Cases Can I File A Consumer Complaint Against Cred?

When I can file a consumer complaint
  1. Non-fulfillment of Services: The case of Cred not providing assured services in relation to credit card bill payments or rewards management as per their terms and conditions.
  2. Deficiency in Services: Such issues may include payment delays, miscalculation of rewards, or unsanctioned transactions done on the platform itself.
  3. Misleading Information: In case Cred gives misleading information about its services or even false advertising concerning its benefits.
  4. Billing Disputes: Where there are billing discrepancies or errors regarding any service provided by Cred.
  5. Data Security Breaches: Any concerns or indications of data breaches or inadequate security while using Cred’s services pertaining to your personal and financial information.

To lodge a consumer complaint against Cred you may approach consumer dispute redressal forums like the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC) depending on the claim value. It is advisable that you collect all relevant documents and proofs which support this.

How Can I Raise Consumer Complaints Online? 

Raising grievances online among consumers follows a few step-by-step procedures. 

First, identify the right consumer dispute redressal forum which suits your complaint in terms of its nature and financial value. Collect all supporting documents like invoices, receipts, correspondence, and any other relevant documentation to this effect. 

Now, Visit the website of the Consumer Forum where you will find the ‘File a Complaint’ section or similar parts. Fill in the internet grievance form giving out information about the company, its complained specifics, and desired results. Scan clearly all supportive documents and then upload them for submission of your complaint. Upon submission one receives an acknowledgement with a given number to his/her complaints.

The communications should be followed up for any updates or further information required. Attend scheduled hearings presenting your case along with evidence. Adjudicating upon, the consumer will issue judgement upon the proofs submitted so as to resolve such claims. Compliance with procedures is essential but complete documentation matters most.

If you don’t want to follow these hectic steps, you can rely on eDrafter for your consumer complaint. Just follow below mentioned simple steps and we will take care of everything. The steps are:

  1. Visit our website and select consumer complaints in the services section of our main menu.
  2. Now, you will be redirected to our consumer service page. Here, fill out the form to provide us with some required details.
  3. Now, we will schedule a consultation call for you with our expert Advocate.
  4. During the call, the advocate will understand your case and will tell you the actions, you can take against the service/product provider and also provide legal advice.
  5. You can also ask the Advocate to send a legal notice against the other party or raise a complaint in consumer court.

So these are the simple steps, you need to take to lodge a consumer complaint against the other party.

Can I Raise A Consumer Complaint Against The Rbi?

No, you cannot file consumer complaints against the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) directly. The Central bank of India- RBI regulates the banking and financial sector with its monetary policy implementation functions for the Indian economy. It is responsible for policy regulation regarding matters pertaining to finance stability while looking at banking regulations in country. If you have lodged a complaint against banks/financial institutions regulated by the RBI, you should go to the bank’s mechanism of complaint redress. If unresolved, it can be referred to the Banking Ombudsman appointed by RBI or pursued through legal recourse.


Cred App aims at streamlining credit card bill payments and rewards management towards financial responsibility amongst users even though not being approved directly by RBI but instead operating in collaboration with licensed banks. When Cred fails to deliver services as promised, makes misleading offers, or provides deficient services, misleading information, billing disputes, or data security breaches, seek redress through appropriate consumer dispute forums with documented evidence.

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