Why the Cases are pending in Delhi Development Authority

Why the Cases are pending in Delhi Development Authority?

Why the Cases are pending in Delhi Development Authority

We all know that somehow few Cases are pending in Delhi Development Authority for Freehold Conversion, Mutation etc due to some Causes.

From our personal experiences on these issues, We want to share few Reasons for the same in order to make these Reasons Avoidable/Preventable.

Some of the Reasons are:-

  • Lack of Knowledge: The lack of Knowledge of the Process leads to pending/unresolved Cases, so it is recommended firstly gain knowledge of the process and then proceed for it.
  • Deficiencies in the Documents: This is the biggest reason which brings the Case to the State of Pending, Documents play vital role in the process, its mandatory to have a complete list of Documents pertained by the Delhi Development Authority. The list of Documents for the process are given by the Authority, also We have provided the Complete (Elaborated) List of the Documents for the better convenience. As per our knowledge, the popular missing documents are Power of Attorney, Agreement to Sell, No Dues Certificate from DCHFC etc. So to avoid the State of Pending, firstly Check the Documents required for the Concerned Process and then proceed Further.
  • GPA/Agreement to Sell after 23/09/2001: The GPA/Agreement to Sell dated after 23/9/2001 must be registered from the Sub-Registrar Office and the Stamp Duty should be paid, if not then the Case will not be able to proceed, as according to Delhi Development Authority the GPA Holder/Agreement to Sell prior to the date mentioned above must be the Registered one, So before applying Kindly Check this out.

That’s it!

These are the few reasons as per our best knowledge which leads to the State of Pending of the Cases. So, it is recommended to avoid these causes in order to have a smooth walk.

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