where to get no criminal record affidavit

Where to get No Criminal Record Affidavit for Passport?

Applying for the Passport?

Are you seeking for the No Criminal Record Affidavit?

Do you know What it is actually?

What is No Criminal Record Affidavit?

No Criminal Record Affidavit is a Affidavit that states that no proceedings in respect of any criminal offense alleged to have been committed by the Applicant or pending before any criminal court in India basically it state that there is No Criminal Record of Applicant.

The Name of Annexure for this particular Affidavit given by the Department is Annexure “I”

When ask to provide the No Criminal Record Affidavit then applicant has to submit duly attested Annexure I Affidavit to the Department affirming the statements.

What Kind of Statements are include in No Criminal Record Affidavit?

The Statements include in No Criminal Record Affidavit are:

  • That applicant is a citizen of India by birth/descent/registration/naturalization and that applicant have neither acquired the citizenship of another country nor have surrendered or been terminated/ deprived of my citizenship of India.
  • That applicant have not, at any time during the period of five years immediately preceding the date of this affidavit, been convicted by any court in India for any offense involving moral turpitude and sentenced in respect thereof to imprisonment for not less than two years.
  • That no proceedings in respect of any criminal offense alleged to have been committed by applicant are pending before any criminal court in India.
  • That no warrant or summons for applicant’s appearance, and no warrant for my arrest, has been issued by a court under any law for the time being in force, and that applicant’s departure from India has not been prohibited by order of any such court.

Here is the Full Format of Annexure “I” for your reference:


Annexure-I of Passport AFFIDAVIT-1

(Click on Image for Zoom View)

Where to get No Criminal Record Affidavit?

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