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What is Annexure “H”?

Annexure “H” is the Declaration by the Parents for Issue of Passport of Minor.Declaration needs to be given on Plain Paper with Signature of Parents.

What type of Declaration Includes?

In Annexure “H”, the Declaration needs to be given by parents/guardian that –

  • Child is the Citizen of India.
  • We (Parents) take entire responsibility of child expenses.
  • We (Parents) declare that child has not lost, surrender or been deprived of his/her citizenship of India.
  • The Information given in respect of child is true and correct.

These types of Declaration is needs to be given by Parents.

Who can provide Annexure “H”?

Annexure “H” can be provided by the Single Parent, by Both Parents or by Legal Guardian.

Does Annexure “H” needs to be given on Stamp Paper?

No, Annexure “H” is a declaration by the Parents/Legal Guardian which needs to be given on the Plain paper, not on Stamp Paper.

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