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affidavit of support for student visa
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What is Student Visa Affidavit?

Affidavit of Support for student visas is basically acquired by teenagers who want to continue their further studies in a foreign country. To apply for their dream college in foreign, the students are required to submit an affidavit of Support to the respective authority in the foreign to declare or tell that they are being backed up by sponsors who will be feeding up their financial needs during the whole college tenure.

It can be said to be one of the strict immigration rules to know the financial health of the migrant students who come for their further studies.


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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Yes, Affidavit of support is one of the must have document for students who are applying for study visa that shows that the student has someone backing up to fulfil their financial needs during their tenure of study.
                Students who are willing to study abroad needs to submit the student visa affidavit to the respective consulate authority. In that particular affidavit, an individual (sponsor) signs to accept the financial responsibility of the student who will be visiting that country for their study.
                Student's parents or relative can become the sponsor. Also, the sponsor must be 18+ and must fulfil all the requirement as per the respective country's rule.

                There are various documents required to get the student visa that we have outlined below:

                • Passport with 6-month validity
                • Visa application form
                • Passport size photos
                • Proof of admission
                • Support for students Visa affidavit
                • International student health insurance (if required)
                • Previous university documents
                Indian students who want to study in United States needs to apply for F1 visa. While applying for it they need to submit the student support affidavit to justify the visa that shows that someone will be fulfilling their financial needs during their study tenure in USA.