Transfer in Blood Relation during Lifetime



(The payment shall be payable in Installments)


Details of Installments:

There will be total Three Installments-

First Installment: Rs. 2,500/- (at the time of First visit)

Second Installment: Rs. 9,000/- (at the time of registration of Indemnity Bond)

Third Installment: Rs. 500/- (at the time of Second Visit)


“We know the value of your money, so we want to get paid for our services after your complete satisfaction”


Full Service Included:

  • Fixing an Appointment to check your Documents and gathering your Details required for drafting Transfer in Blood Relation File.
  • Drafting your File.
  • Getting the Indemnity Bond registered in Sub-Registrar Office with Transferor and Transferee.
  • Depositing your Case in DDA Office.
  • Delivery of Receipt of your case at your Place.



  • Additional Rs. 500/- for any extra visit.
  • Any modification in Documents will be charged extra.

Note: – It is the duty of Party to pay Sub-Registrar Fees.