Leasehold to Freehold Service

*Price on Enquiry

Full Service Included:

  • Fixing an Appointment to check your Documents and gathering your Details required for drafting Conversion File.
  • Drafting your Conversion File and Completing other Formalities in Order to Complete the File.
  • Depositing your Case in DDA Office with Conversion Charges on your behalf.
  • Collecting Conveyance Deed and payment of Stamp Duty for stamping of Conveyance Deed.
  • Purchasing the Stamp Papers from Bank and Depositing the Conveyance Deed with Stamp Paper to DDA.
  • Getting the Conveyance Deed registered in Sub-Registrar Office at the time of Execution.
  • Delivery of Original Conveyance Deed at your Place.

“We will work for your entire conversion case; there is no need for you to visit DDA Office again and again. You have to come only at the time of Execution and Registration of Conveyance Deed”

Note: – It is the duty of Party to pay all Government Dues. Government Dues may include Property Conversion Charges, Ground Rent, Any Penalty or Installment, Stamp Duty etc.