Some frequently asked questions

Question 1:   Who can apply for Mutation?

Answer:  The intending mutatee in whose favor the mutation is sought should himself apply for the mutation.

Question 2:  Whether mutation can be allowed in case of cancelled allotment?

Answer:  No, mutation cannot be allowed in case of cancelled allotment until the allotment is restored.

Question 3:  Whether mortgaged property can be mutated?

Answer:  Yes, the NOC is required from the Mortgagor in order to get the property mutated.

Question 4:  Whether the Government Dues like Ground rent /service charge etc. can be demanded before processing the mutation?

Answer:  No, Outstanding Dues can only be demanded after settling the issue of mutation.

Question 5:  When the NOC from all legal heirs is required?

Answer:  If the WILL of Allottee is unregistered than the NOC is required from all the Legal Heirs.

Question 6:  Whether mutation is allowed outside the Blood Relation?

Answer:  Yes, however in case, intending mutatee has to deposit the “Unearned Increase” with DDA.

Question 7:  Whether mutation in case of freehold property is required?

Answer:  The policy as on date does not require mutation in the case of freehold property from DDA.