FAQ’s – DDA Property Freehold

Some frequently asked questions

Question 1:  What is Allottee?

Answer:  Allottee is a person to whom Flat/Plot/Shop are directly allotted by the Delhi Development Authority.

Question 2:  What is General Power of Attorney?

Answer:  A General Power of Attorney gives the authority to agent to handle all the affairs of Owner during his absence. It gives the agent extensive power and responsibilities. Agents also have power to buy, sell or rent the property.

Question 3:  If once registered as an Allottee, Can I further purchase the DDA Property?

Answer:  Yes, you can furthermore purchase the DDA Property but through General Power of Attorney, you can’t be a Direct Allottee again.

Question 4:  What is “D” Form?

Answer:  “D” Form is a certificate issued by the DDA in favor of society who has completed the Sewerage Connection successfully.

Question 5:  Can Allottee get any Rebate on Conversion Charges?

Answer:  Yes, allottee will get Rebate of 40% on Freehold Conversion Charges.

Question 6:  Is it possible for Allottee to transfer his/her property without paying Stamp Duty?

Answer:  According to Delhi Development Authority Act, the Allottee can transfer his/her Property without paying Stamp Duty in “Blood Relation”. There will be no further charges for transferring.

Question 7:  If some of the Documents required for Conversion is Lost or Misplaced then what will be an alternative option?

Answer: If the below said Documents:

  • Allotment cum Demand Letter
  • DDA Possession Letter
  • NOC for Electricity/Water

Are Lost or Misplaced than Allottee can request DDA to provide him the Certified Copy.

Question 8:  How can I request DDA to provide me the Certified Copy of Lost/Misplaced Documents?

Answer: Follow these Steps:-

  1. Pay the Certified Copy charges to DDA amounted Rs. 75/-(Amount of Rs. 75/- is for One Document).
  1. Give Public Notice in Newspaper for Lost/Misplaced Documents. Notice must be according to the Language set by DDA.
  1. File First Information Report (FIR) for Lost/Misplaced Documents in Delhi Police.
  1. Make Indemnity Bond for Lost/Misplaced Documents.

Question 9:  Is it Compulsory to apply for Conversion of Leasehold Property into Freehold?

Answer: No, conversion of property into Freehold is optional. It’s completely your choice. – “NO COMPULSION