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Why we started Duggu Foundation?

In loving memory of our Cherished companion - Duggu, whose playful Spirit and unconditional Love illuminated our lives for over twelve years and the Duggu Foundation was born. Duggu wasn't just a pet; he was family, teaching us the essence of compassion and companionship and how to live life in a positive manner. His passing inspired us to extend that love to stray dogs in need. Our mission is simple: to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these vulnerable animals, offering them the care and affection they deserve. Through our collective efforts, we strive to create a world where every dog finds a loving home and a chance at a brighter future. Join us in honoring Duggu's legacy as we embark on this heartfelt journey of compassion and advocacy, ensuring that every wagging tail signifies a story of love, belonging, and second chances.

We have partnered with Kvaab Welfare (Registered NGO) to intiate the cause!

In Memory of Duggu ❤️

(13-04-2013 - 02-01-2024)

Rs. 3 of every order will be donated for the welfare of dogs!

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