Annexure "D"

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If you are Choosing the Notarial Service than you have to provide Scanned Copy of Applicant's I.d Proof, Scanned Copy of Applicant's Signature and Joint Photograph of Couple to us via e-mail at after placing order for the purpose of Notarial Service.

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STEP 1- Fill the Form & Make Payment.

STEP 2- We will draft your Affidavit and send it to your e-mail address for your Review & Approval.

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frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of Annexure "D"?

There are the two purposes of providing Annexure “D”:

  1. For Change of Name of Lady Applicant after Marriage.
  2. For Endorsement of Name of Spouse in respect of re-issue of previously issued passport.

The Annexure “D” can be drafted as per the Applicant’s Need/Purpose.

Is Annexure "D" consider as Joint Affidavit?

Yes, Annexure D consider as a Joint Affidavit for Marriage provided by the couple along with application of Passport.

How to draft Annexure "D"?

The Process involve for drafting Affidavit is:

  • As per the purpose provide the Details in order to draft the Affidavit.
  • Make the Affidavit attest before a Judicial Magistrate/Executive Magistrate Or Notary Public.
  • Paste the Joint Photograph of the Couple on Bottom left hand side of the Affidavit and make it attest from Judicial Magistrate/Executive Magistrate Or Notary Public with their Signature and rubber Stamp (half on the Photograph and half on the Affidavit).

Note – If Joint Photograph cannot be affixed, then indicate reason for the same.

What amount of Stamp Paper can be use for Annexure "D"?

The minimum amount of Stamp Paper i.e of Rs. 10/- can be use for Annexure D or it also depends upon the Stamp Duty as per state.

Is it necessary to make Annexure D attested from Notary Public?

Yes, as per Department instructed its mandatory to make the Annexure D Affidavit attested. The attestation can be done either by Judicial Magistrate/Executive Magistrate or Notary Public. Along with Affidavit its necessary to make the Couple Photograph attested as well.

Is it necessary to affix the Joint Photograph of Couple in Annexure D?

Yes, its important to affix the Joint Photograph of couple in Affidavit, if the applicant cannot affix the Photograph then he/she have to provide the reason in the Affidavit for the same otherwise the Department will not accept the Affidavit. The Photograph should indicate the proof of Marriage.

Do I get the fully drafted Annexure D from edrafter?

Yes, you will get the fully drafted and ready to use Annexure D Affidavit executed on a relevant stamp paper. You can directly submit this Affidavit to the Passport Department. It will save your time of visiting to the courts/lawyers. Just fill out the provided form and place the Order and we will do the rest for you.