Generate Rent Receipt Online

Get fully drafted Rent Receipt that employee's can submit to avail HRA benefit or Non-employee's can preserve it as proof.


Fill the required Details by clicking on Generate Rent Receipt.

We will draft your Rent Receipt as per your Details and will send it to your given e-mail address.

Review the Rent Receipt,take a Print and Use it.


Why it's necessary to get the Receipt from Landlord?

It’s important to get the receipt of the Rent paid. For the employees it will be beneficial to get exemption on HRA and to get exemption the employer will seek for the Rent Receipt from the employee.

Can Employee claim for HRA without providing the Rent Receipt?

No, the Rent Receipt is the mandatory document needs to be given to get the exemption on HRA.

Why PAN Number is required of Landlord to get the Rent Receipt?

PAN Number is not mandatory to provide however, If the annual rent paid is more than Rs 1,00,000 then it is mandatory to obtain PAN Number of the landlord and present the same to the employer to claim HRA exemption.

Why will the Employer/Company ask to provide Rent Receipt?

To allow the exemption to the employee on House Rent Allowance it is important for the Company to collect the Rent Receipt from the employee as proof of the rent paid and proof of showing that the employee is eligible to get the exemption on HRA.

Is the Rent Receipt beneficial for non-employees also?

Yes, it’s beneficial for Non-employees also as they will get the assurance of the money paid and any misshapen can be avoided easily. So it is always recommended to get the Rent Receipt of the Amount paid to the Landlord.

Can Employee claim HRA by himself?

Yes, HRA exemption can be directly claimed in Income Tax Return. This exempt amount has to be reduced from the total taxable salary.